December 16, 2011

Operation Taxi Cab Confessions

Special Investigations Detectives completed an extensive investigation Thursday they called Taxi Cab Confessions.

Over a four month time period, undercover detectives worked as cab drivers in the Marathon area. During the course of the investigation, they purchased a number of illegal substances from people and purchased stolen property as well. Detectives made purchases of marijuana and cocaine, and also purchased six stolen GPS devices and two stolen radar detectors. The stolen property was traced back to a number of car burglaries which took place between Marathon and Cudjoe Key.

Detectives were able to identify a number of drug dealers, as well as where they lived. On Thursday morning, they wrapped up the investigation by serving a search warrant at the Marathon home of a woman who had sold them cocaine on two occasions.

The warrant was served at 10 a.m. Wednesday, at 167 23rd Street Ocean in Marathon. The search turned up a black zippered case with ten grams of powdered cocaine and two and a half crack cocaine cookies inside. The case was hidden outside the back of the house.

38 year old Pshantell Scott was on the premises when the warrant was served and was taken into custody for two outstanding warrants for sale of cocaine. The warrants were issued during the course of Operation Taxi Cab Confessions. She was booked into jail.

During the course of the day, detectives also served more outstanding warrants issued as a result of Operation Taxi Cab Confessions, including: 
  •          46 year old Letty Ann Laster of Marathon,  charged with Sale of cocaine and Sale of Marijuana.
  •          45 year old Gregory Allen Davis of Marathon, charged with 3 counts of Sale of cocaine and Sale of Marijuana.
  •          18 year old Aric Tanner Jinks of Marathon,  charged with 2 counts of Sale of Marijuana.
  •          17 year old Yosvany Torna charged with 3 counts of dealing in stolen property and 2 counts of sale of marijuana.  

Several more arrests are expected in connection with the operation.

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