December 23, 2011

Reminder: traffic will be heavier beginning next week; be safe during the holidays

The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind everyone that the week between Christmas and the New Year usually marks the time when our busiest season starts in the Keys, and traffic begins to get heavy on Highway U.S. One. Keep this in mind as you are traveling and plan extra time for your trip, wherever you may be going. Being patient while driving is crucial to staying safe; passing can be very dangerous and because of the oftentimes heavy traffic, passing generally doesn’t get you there much faster.

One particular problem area on the highway is at the traffic light on Big Pine Key. During the busy tourist season, traffic can back up at the light and cause significant slowdowns. Smart cameras installed at the intersection have helped this situation somewhat, but it can still be a problem, particularly in the early afternoon. If there are significant backups at the light this season, the Sheriff’s Office will do it’s best to have deputies in the area to manually move traffic through the intersection.

During the coming week, if you are planning to attend any holiday parties and partake in alcoholic beverages, take a moment first to make sure you have a plan for getting home safely. Designate a sober driver, or take a cab home. Please don’t drink and drive.

Have safe and happy holidays from all of us at the Sheriff’s Office.

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