December 12, 2011

Teen arrested for throwing rocks at deputies

Marathon – An 18 year old Marathon teen was arrested early Sunday after he threw rocks at two patrol cars, and then fled when deputies tried to stop him.

Sgt. Joel Slough and Nicholas Abroe responded to 55th Street just before midnight Saturday after reports that someone was throwing rocks at vehicles parked  at the Brass Monkey bar. While they were parked in the lot investigating, they heard rocks impacting the parking lot beside their vehicles; then they saw a rock hit one of the patrol cars.

They began walking around the area looking for suspects in the rock throwing incidents. They found a young man, later identified as Sean Quinlan. When Quinlan saw Sgt. Slough, be took off running. The sergeant ran after him, through Eastwind Apartments. During the chase, he knocked over several items, including a large propane grill. A witness tried to stop him, holding him for a short time, but Quinlan broke away and kept running, hiding in a mangrove area near the apartments.

Deputy Abroe, Deputy Anthony O’Dea and Sgt. Slough searched the area. Quinlan was finally apprehended. When the sergeant asked him why he ran, he said he was afraid he would be arrested for throwing rocks. He was charged with throwing a deadly missile, criminal mischief and resisting arrest. He was booked into jail.

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