December 12, 2011

Tractor Trailer rig reported stolen

Marathon – Deputies in Marathon took an auto theft report that was rather unusual over the weekend. An oversize tractor trailer truck with an Excavator on the back was taken from its parking spot on 122nd Street in Marathon.

Sunday night, an employee of H.L. Pipeline company called to report the truck had been taken. He said he is currently working on the sewer project in the city of Marathon. He said he parked and locked the truck on the afternoon of December 8th. When he returned to the area on Sunday evening, it was gone. A red caution flag that had been in the truck was found along with some broken glass.

The truck is a Mack Truck with a Lowboy trailer. It had a PC300 Track Excavator on the back. He said it is 75 feet long, almost 12 feet wide and over 14 feet tall; it is so wide it requires an escort permit to operate on the highway.

Detectives will be investigating the case.

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