December 30, 2011

Two men found dead inside boat

Key Largo - Two men were found dead this morning inside a boat. The boat was on a trailer, parked in the boat yard at the Pilot House Marina in Key Largo.

Detectives say there are no obvious signs of foul play and the deaths may be accidental. They found the owner of the 32 foot Wellcraft, 45 year old Bernard Boucher, of Fort Lauderdale and 58 year old Benoit Paquet also of Fort Lauderdale, in the enclosed cabin of the boat; there was a portable generator in the engine compartment.

Both men exhibited signs of possible carbon monoxide poisoning; their skin was reddish pink in color. They had no other visible injuries.

A friend of Boucher said Boucher had come to the Keys to pick up his boat. He was going to trailer it back to Fort Lauderdale so it could be worked on.

The Medical Examiner’s Office will be investigating the cause of the men’s death.

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