January 31, 2012

Detectives investigating more vacation rental fraud cases

Key Largo – Sheriff’s detectives are investigating another suspected vacation rental fraud operation which is using a Key Largo home to defraud would-be vacationers of their money.

Two victims have come forward so far and reported paying money to rent a home at 106 Coastal Drive in Key Largo. They both said they found the property for rent on the internet; they both corresponded with someone using the last name of “Lassiter”; he asked for payment to be wired, in advance, to his bank account. Both victims sent payment to him. One of the victims said the web site she found the home on was “Gulf Coast Rentals”.

One of the victims, who lives in Illinois, said she felt uncomfortable with the transaction and decided to do more research. She found the same house for sale on the internet and contacted the realtor, who told her the house was for sale and the owner was not renting it. It was then that she contacted the Sheriff’s Office to report being scammed out of her money.

Detective Robert Dosh, who is also the lead investigator into the John Williams Vacation Rental Fraud case, will be heading up this investigation as well. Anyone who has been victimized in a similar fashion should contact the Sheriff’s Office immediately.  The investigation is continuing.

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