January 27, 2012

Sheriff's Office participates in the Soldier Ride

 Sheriff’s Office employees participated in the recent Soldier Ride, held January 11th to the 15th, from Key Largo to Key West. Some escorted the riders in patrol cars, while others actually rode bikes along with them. It was a great event and everyone was proud and exhilarated to be a part of it.

Top two photos are Lower Keys Sheriff's employees who formed a team and rode along with the wounded soldiers ride.

The bottom photo is the group of Upper Keys deputies who provided an escort.  From Left to Right: Lt. Derek Paul, DEP Officer Brian Coffin, Dep. Dave Minor, Sgt. Tom Kiffney, Deputy Andrew Leird, Dep. Dave Campbell, Reserve Capt. Ted Migala, DEP Officer Mike Mckay, Dep. Jason Keith, Dep. Greg Korzen.

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