January 31, 2012

Three charged with introduction of contraband to a jail facility

Plantation Key – A Monroe County jail inmate and two women from Miami were arrested after detectives uncovered a scheme to smuggle marijuana into the Plantation Key jail facility.

On January 23rd, Corrections Lt. Patrick Major received information that an inmate in his facility conspired with two women to bring marijuana into the jail. He notified Sheriff’s detectives of the information. Investigations showed the inmate, 26 year old Victor Matias of Florida City had contacted 20 year old Julia Infante, of Miami, asking her to bring marijuana to him at the jail.

According to detectives, Infante visited the jail on January 15th along with 18 year old Taylor Rusignuolo, of Miami. Infante visited with inmate Matias; Rusignuolo visited with another male inmate. During the visit, Rusignuolo hid a package of marijuana in a small basket which holds instructional booklets for inmate accounts. The following morning Matias was able to retrieve the marijuana from the basket. The marijuana smuggled in to the facility was never recovered.

After further investigation, detectives made a traffic stop on the two women when they returned to the Keys on January 24th for a court appearance for Matias. They were both arrested. Matias and Rusignuolo were both charged with possession of marijuana and introduction of contraband to a corrections facility. Infante was charged with being a principle in the first degree to the crime.

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