February 2, 2012

Detectives arrest two FKCC students for marijuana

At the request of college administrators, detectives from the Sheriff’s Special Investigations Unit conducted a K-9 search at the Florida Keys Community College on Stock Island Wednesday. Two students were arrested after the dog found drugs in two rooms.

Detectives, along with K-9 Deja searched dorm rooms on the campus. Deja alerted on Suite 214, which has four occupants with individual rooms. As they began searching the rooms, 20 year old Neil Boyle came forward, admitting to having marijuana in his room. During a search, Deja located marijuana and a scale with marijuana residue.  Boyle was arrested and charged with Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, on school grounds.

Detectives continued their operation. Deja alerted on Suite 310, which also has four individual rooms. They knocked on the door of a room belonging to 19 year old Codie Kelley. Initially, no one answered the door. Detectives had a maintenance person monitoring the sewer outlet from the dorm room, however, and he observed a  bag of marijuana being flushed into the sewer. After repeatedly knocking on the door, detectives were eventually admitted to the room by Kelley.  When Kelley opened the door, detectives could smell marijuana. They questioned Kelley, who told them he no longer had any marijuana because he had flushed it down the toilet. Kelley was arrested and charged with Tampering  with evidence and possession of marijuana on school property.

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