March 28, 2012

Marathon postal worker arrested for marijuana

Marathon – A Marathon postal worker was arrested Tuesday after she was caught with a package with 10 pounds of Marijuana inside.

Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations detectives worked together with investigators with the U.S. Postal Service on the investigation.

The Postal Service had information about a  suspicious package they believed had drugs inside. The package was addressed to an elderly Marathon woman. When it arrived at the Marathon Post Office, it was given to postal worker Veronica Johnson, 49, of Marathon for delivery.

According to detectives, Johnson delivered mail to the address where the suspicious package was supposed to go, but did not deliver the package. Instead, at the end of her shift, she put the package in the trunk of her car.

She told detectives she takes delivery of the marijuana for a man who pays her $200.00 for each package. She said she has done it a number of times in the past. She said she is aware of what is inside the package.

She was arrested and charged with possession of a felony amount of marijuana. She was booked into jail.

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