March 4, 2012

Marathon woman arrested burglarizing bar

Marathon- A Marathon woman was arrested early today after a nighttime employee of the Sunset Grill on Knight’s Key caught her stealing beverages from the Tiki Bar.

The employee told Sgt. Joel Slough he was cleaning just before 3 a.m. when he saw 35 year old Hayley Allison stealing Corona Beer and Red Bull energy drinks. He said as she was fleeing with the stolen items, she dropped them; that is when he caught her and called the Sheriff’s Office.

He told Sgt. Slough a car was waiting for Allison just outside a side gate of the property. He said the car fled when he caught Allison. As the sergeant was investigating the case, the vehicle returned. Driver, 19 year old Gerry Pinson, admitted to driving Allison to the bar. He said he didn’t know what she was going to do, but knew “something bad was going to happen”. Pinson had no driver’s license and was issued a notice to appear in court for driving with no license.

Allison told a number of different stories about why she was at the bar. After Sgt. Slough pointed out active surveillance cameras to her, she finally admitted being there to take the beverages. Allison was arrested. She was charged with burglary, theft and resisting arrest and she was booked into jail.

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