March 29, 2012

Two teens charged with Cudjoe Key burglary

Cudjoe Key - Two teens were arrested, charged with burglarizing a Cudjoe Key home in December. The investigation is ongoing and another arrest may be pending.

Deputy Jon Riggs and Detective Dave Chavka investigated the case; the victim, who lives on Dirk Lane, called the Sheriff’s Office to report someone had entered her home on December 20th and had taken her IPAD from inside and a spear gun from outside. She told Deputy Riggs she thinks the burglary was committed by friends of her son, who knew where she hides a key and used it to enter the house. She gave Deputy Riggs the first name of a possible suspect – Kevin.

She contacted the Sheriff’s Office again and told Deputy Riggs the name of another possible suspect – Christopher Laboy. Deputy Riggs went to Laboy’s residence on Big Pine Key. Laboy was there, along with a friend named Kevin Smith. Deputy Riggs asked Laboy about the Cudjoe Key burglary. He admitted that he and Smith had accompanied another friend to the home; he said he and Smith had acted as lookouts as the third friend entered the residence and took the IPAD. Smith also admitted to being involved in the crime.

Detective Chavka was assigned to investigate the case. He also interviewed the two teens, and they again admitted to acting as lookouts for the burglary on Cudjoe Key in December. Detective Chavka had warrants issued for both of them. This week, both Laboy, who is 17, and  and Smith, who is 15, were arrested. They were charged with burglary, theft and being a principal to the crime of burglary. The investigation is continuing and another arrest may be pending.

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