April 27, 2012

Big Pine teen charged with business burglary

A 17 year old Big Pine resident was arrested Thursday on an outstanding warrant for burglary, grand theft and criminal mischief.

The burglary to Paradise Petroleum on Big Pine Key took place on March 23rd. 17 year old Nicholas Burttram was caught on surveillance tape throwing a large coral rock through the front glass door of the business.

Once inside, he stole a cardboard box with several hundred packets of Spice, a commercial product commonly smoked as a synthetic marijuana. Spice is no longer legal for sale in the state of Florida.

Detective David Cruz was assigned to investigate the case. Fingerprints were lifted at the scene, from the countertop of the business. Fingerprint comparisons confirmed they were Burttram’s. Once he was confronted with the evidence of his involvement, Burttram admitted to the break in.

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