May 17, 2012

Couple arrested for stealing boat, attempting to steal another

 Sugarloaf Key – A couple was arrested Wednesday after they tried to steal one boat and succeeded in stealing another one from Sugarloaf Marina on Sugarloaf Key.

Just after 7 a.m., deputies were called to Sugarloaf Marina to a report of  s stolen boat. When they arrived, they found the boat’s owner and the two suspects at the dock. The owner, who lives on a houseboat offshore of the Marina said he looked out of the window of his houseboat this morning and saw his 21 foot Pursuit sport boat about 75 yards away. On board the boat was 25 year old Perry Townsend of Texas and 21 year old Amanda Habhegger of St. Johns, Florida. He motored over and asked the couple what they were doing on his vessel. When they didn’t have anything to say he instructed them to return to the dock and he called the Sheriff’s Office.

Further investigation revealed the two had tried to steal another boat first; they broke a window in the cabin and entered it, but couldn’t get it started.

Detectives interviewed the couple; Habhegger said they “were bored and wanted to do something reckless”. She also said they needed a place to sleep, so they took the boat offshore to sleep on it.

Both Townsend and Habhegger were charged with burglary, criminal mischief and grand theft. They were booked into jail.

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