June 11, 2012

Marathon man charged with sexual assault

Marathon – A Marathon man is in jail, accused of attempting to force a woman to have sexual relations with him Sunday in the early morning hours.

The 39 year old victim and a witness both told deputies they were at the Manor Lane home of 22 year old Tommy Alo when the incident occurred. They said they were hanging out with Alo and some friends when they decided to go to one of the bedrooms and have sex.

Afterward, as they lay in bed together, Alo entered the room. According to both the victim and witness, Alo jumped on top of the victim and attempted to have sex with her. She refused repeatedly; at one point, he reportedly grabbed her around the throat and pinned her to the bed during the struggle. The witness finally had to physically restrain Alo in order to allow the victim to escape. Another witness who was at the house at the time of the attack heard the victim screaming at Alo to stop and get off of her.

He and the victim left the residence and called the Sheriff’s Office for help just before 5 a.m. After interviewing everyone involved in the incident, Alo was arrested, charged with battery and sexual assault, and was taken to jail.

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