July 20, 2012

Monroe County Explorers take first place in state-wide competition

 A tropical storm offshore made the recent Explorer Delegates conference in Leon County a wet one. Shooting at the range was a challenge as instructors and participants had to improvise to keep targets from getting wet and from flying off their frames in high winds.

Monroe County Explorers performed well despite the rain. The team placed first overall for the week, scoring the most total points out of the 21 counties participating.
In individual competitions, they placed first in Active Shooter; second in the team obstacle course challenge and third in competitions which tested their skills in responding to Domestic situations and Crisis Intervention. The team took fourth place in drill team - a particularly impressive feat since they only started practicing for the event five weeks ago. Thanks goes out to Annette Simo, who just graduated from the FKCC BLE Class #45, and who has been coaching the drill team.

In shooting, the team took first place in the .38 caliber revolver shooting competition and second place in the semi-automatic shooting competition.

SRO Deputies Will Schlegelmilch and James Jenkins were the advisors who went along to supervise and coach the team. 

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