July 20, 2012

Public Safety Bicycle Instructor Course

 Despite the wind and rain, thirteen police officers completed a 40-hour Public Safety Bicycle Instructor Course recently.  Seven people from the Sheriff’s Office, one from the Key West Police, two officers from Alexandria, Louisiana, a federal police officer from Michigan and a sergeant from the Miramar, Florida police department all completed the course.

The course consisted of skill building in areas such as; slow speed maneuvers, hill climbing and descents, balance boards, curb hopping, power slides, quick turns, emergency stopping, traffic stops, limbo (simulating ducking under low hanging obstacles), ladders (simulating rough terrain), stair climbing and descents and group riding.  In addition, the participants learned how to use the bicycle as part of live firearms training.  A 4-hour block of bicycle maintenance was included in the course.  All participants also had to present one classroom topic and one skills presentation in order to successfully demonstrate their skills as an instructor.
Graduates of this course are now qualified to instruct a certified basic police bicycle course.

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