July 23, 2012

Suspect in last week’s Miami bank robberies, kidnapping also wanted in the Keys

Key Largo – Sheriff’s detectives say a man arrested for bank robberies and a kidnapping in the Miami area is also wanted in connection with burglaries in the Florida Keys.

Detective Sgt. Dave Carey says 48 year old Pedro Valdes of Miami Gardens is a suspect in four business burglaries and a residential burglary which took place in Key Largo between June 4th and June 24th. In all five cases, the suspect threw a rock through a glass window to gain access to the inside of the buildings.

video videoDuring the course of the investigation, Detective Barney Sadjak checked pawn shops for property stolen in the burglaries. He located a Penn reel pawned by Valdes which matched one stolen from West Marine. Further investigation revealed Valdes is on probation. His probation officer told detectives he has a sister who lives in Key Largo, and is staying with his mother
 in Miami Gardens. The probation officer said Valdes requested to visit his sister several times between May and June. In addition, a check on Sunpass activity showed the mother’s vehicle had traveled south of Homestead on numerous occasions between May and June; some of the dates coincided with the dates of the burglaries.

Surveillance photos from inside West Marine and from another store nearby showed a man fitting Valdes’ description both inside and outside the store. Detectives asked his sister to review the photos and video and she positively identified her brother as well. She also verified seeing her brother in possession of a brand new Penn reel.

At this time, Detective Yunier Galvez has obtained arrest warrants for Valdes for the two burglaries at West Marine, on June 20th and on the 24th. The other three crimes are still under investigation and charges against him may be pending in those cases.

  •      1. On June 5th, a burglary was reported at Diver’s Direct at the 99.6 mile marker. At least 20 watches were stolen from a display case valued at between $4,000 – 5,000.
  •      2. On June 9th, a burglary was reported at Winn Dixie at the 105.3 mile marker. Cigarettes were stolen from inside the store.
  •       3. On June 20th, a burglary was reported at West Marine at the 103.4 mile marker. Several reels were taken from inside.
  •            Sometime between June 19 – 21, a home on Avenue A West was broken into.
  •      4. On June 24th, West Marine at the 103.4 mile marker was again burglarized. More reels were taken from a display case inside.

 At this time, Valdes will be charged with the burglaries at West Marine. He is currently in custody in Miami and will be returned to Monroe County to face the charges here at a later date.

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