July 18, 2012

Two day sport lobster season is next week

The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind everyone the two day sport lobster season is coming up next week. Anyone who plans to participate in catching lobster in Monroe County during the two day season on July 25th and 26th should make sure to familiarize themselves with both state law and with local ordinances in the Florida Keys.

The Sheriff’s Office will be patrolling both boat ramps and on the water during the two day season. Anyone caught with illegal lobster will be charged accordingly.

There are links on our web site, www.keysso.net, to both state law and Monroe County ordinances.

This year, the cities of Marathon and Islamorada will have ordinances that mirror that of Monroe County when it comes to diving and snorkeling in canals, and within 300 feet of developed shoreline. In Monroe County, including Islamorada and Marathon, it is  illegal to dive or snorkel within 300 feet of residential or commercial shoreline or in any navigable canal or marina between July 22 – 26th and during the first five days of the commercial lobster season from August 6 – 10.

During the two day sport season, there will be more boats and trailers on the roadways, and more traffic in general. Sheriff Bob Peryam wants to remind everyone to drive carefully. Pay attention to those around you, be patient and don’t pass in no passing zones. Drinking and driving is, of course, illegal; drunk boating is also illegal and our officers will be watching for this dangerous behavior on the water as well as on the roadways of the county.

“We enjoy all the visitors here in the Keys during the two day sport season,” said Sheriff Peryam. “But we want to make sure everyone is aware of the law, and is behaving in a responsible, and safe, manner.”

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