August 22, 2012

Alert deputies arrest man near upper Keys business

Key Largo – A 27 year old man from Palmetto Bay, Florida is under arrest after he was caught in the early morning hours today, dressed all in black, walking around an upper Keys business which had been closed for hours.

Deputy Brian Cross spotted Yandy Hernandez Aguado in the vicinity of Boats Direct at 12:30 a.m. Hernandez Aguado was dressed all in black and, when he saw the deputy, he tried to hide from him.

Sergeants E.B. Askins and Jason Madnick responded to back up Deputy Cross. They confronted Hernandez Aguado, asking what he was doing there. The suspect said a girl, whose name he didn’t know, had dropped him off there. He claimed to be staying at a hotel next to a Home Depot – the closest Home Depot in the Keys is in Marathon, 50 miles away.

Due to his inconsistent and improbable explanations, the officers continued to investigate. They found a key in his pocket which was found to operate a vehicle parked at a nearby convenience store. In the vehicle they found gloves, wire cutters, pliers and other tools. A backpack was also found near where the officers encountered the suspect, hidden behind a concrete partition. In the backpack were more tools including a pry bar, wire cutters, screw drivers and one red and black glove. A second matching glove was found in the suspect’s back pocket.

Hernandez Aguado was arrested. He was charged with loitering and prowling and  possession of burglary tools. He was booked into jail.

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