August 23, 2012

Housekeeper arrested for stealing, cashing checks

A Fort Lauderdale woman, hired by a Key Largo man to perform housekeeping duties in June, stole two checks while working for him.

The victim was contacted by Capitol Bank after a teller became suspicious when 52 year old Carol Barrett tried to cash one of the checks for $1,000.00 on July 2nd. The victim told the teller not to cash the check. She fled before the victim could arrive at the bank to confront her, but not before the teller saw her driver’s license and wrote the DL number on the back of the check.

Detective Robert Dosh was assigned to investigate. The bank teller told him Barrett had cashed another of the victim’s checks for $300.00 several days before. The victim told Detective Dosh he never paid Barrett by check; only by cash. He said he’d terminated her employment on June 27th but didn’t realize two of his checks were missing.

Both the victim and the bank teller made a positive identification of Barrett from a photo line up. A warrant was issued for her arrest. On Wednesday, she was booked into the Monroe County Detention Center on charges of two counts of uttering a forged check, two counts possessing a forged check and grand theft. 

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