August 19, 2012

Two Miami men arrested for molesting traps, illegal lobster

Two suspects with their boat and the stolen lobster trap.
Photo courtesy of Deputy Michael Cofield.
A Sheriff’s Office marine deputy on patrol arrested two Miami men Saturday who stole a trap filled with illegal lobster.

Deputy Mike Cofield was on the water shortly after noon, on patrol offshore of the 78.5 mile marker when he spotted a small vessel painted in brown camouflage. The boat was traveling at a high rate of speed in an “idle only” zone in the vicinity of Indian Key Fill, on the gulfside.

When Deputy Cofield conducted a vessel stop, he saw a lobster trap on the boat. Inside the trap were 17 undersized lobster and one legal sized lobster. Deputy Cofield contacted the trap’s owner who told him no one had permission to have his trap and that he wanted to press charges.

37 year old Alain Carrazana and 49 year old Gilberto Carrazana, both of Miami, were arrested. They were charged with trap molesting, 17 counts possession of undersized lobster and possession of lobster over the legal limit. They were both booked into jail. The lobster were returned alive to the water.

Upon interviewing them, the men said they found the trap on the bottom and were bringing it back to shore. They said they intended to call law enforcement and ask if they could keep the trap. They said they intended to return the undersized lobster to the water later.

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