September 14, 2012

SRO Unit looks sharp during unit inspection

 The School Resource Unit looked sharp recently during a formal inspection held in Marathon. The unit has officers assigned to five schools in the county. SRO deputies are charged with patrolling the schools, interacting with students, assisting school administrators and teaching a Project Alert class which addresses many issues, including resisting peer pressure to drink alcohol and do drugs, bullying prevention, what alcohol, tobacco and drugs do to a person’s body, and much more.  In the top photo, left to right, Dep. James Jenkins, Coral Shores High School; Dep. Larry O’Neill, Plantation Key School; Dep. Will Schlegelmilch, Key Largo School; Dep. Sonya Morgan, Sugarloaf School and Sgt. Glenn Test, who heads up the unit and also works at Marathon High School.

In the photos to the left, SRO Deputies Morgan and Jenkins have their vehicles inspected.

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