September 2, 2012

Three arrested for fighting; knife and gun involved

Key Largo – A fight at a Key Largo campground Saturday evening escalated with a man firing a gun and a woman chasing someone with a knife. Three people went to jail.

Deputies responded to Calusa Campground just after 6 p.m. to multiple calls about shots fired and a fight in progress. When they arrived the fight had stopped and one man had fled the scene.

Witnesses who saw what happened said 48 year old Carlos Sanchez went to the home of 61 year old Dionisio Torres Gomez and 53 year old Ana Torres at 66 Calusa Street, entered without being invited in and confronted him. The confrontation was a result of an earlier argument about loud music coming from a boat at American Outdoors beach.

During the confrontation, Sanchez allegedly punched Anna and pushed Dionisio down; when a witness confronted him, he threw a concrete block at her. Dionisio got a gun out of his vehicle and allegedly fired two shots toward Sanchez. Torres then chased Sanchez down the street with a knife.

Dionisio hid the gun, burying it in a planter by his house. As deputies were investigating what happened, Ana was told to leave the scene alone and not to clean it up until the investigations were complete. She failed to comply with those orders and, when deputies stepped away for a short time, she cleaned up evidence of the crimes.

All three people were arrested. Ana Torres fought with deputies as they were handcuffing her. Sanchez was charged with aggravated assault, battery, criminal mischief and burglary. Dionisio Torres Gomez was charged with aggravated assault, battery, discharging a firearm in public and tampering with evidence. Ana Torres was charged with resisting arrest without violence, aggravated assault and tampering with evidence. They were all booked into jail.

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