October 19, 2012

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a special time for children, but children don’t always know what is and is not safe. If your children are trick or treating on Halloween, there are several tips to follow for their safety.

Make sure they wear light colored costumes with plenty of reflective tape so they are visible to cars and trucks.

Have them go while it is still light outside.

They should be accompanied by an adult, or an older brother or sister.

They should never enter a stranger’s house even if invited.

They should not sample candy given to them until it has been checked by an adult for possible tampering.

Check with area hospitals to see if they offer free X-raying of treats on Halloween.

Notify a deputy if suspicious or harmful items are found in your child’s collection of treats.

They should stay away from homes with dogs loose in the yard.

Having a Halloween party is a good alternative to the tradition of trick or treating. It gives kids an opportunity to have a good time in a supervised and safe atmosphere.

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