October 28, 2012

Key Largo man arrested for burglary

Key Largo – A 19 year old Key Largo man was arrested Saturday night after deputies found he was living at an unoccupied home on Adams Drive.

On Saturday just after 6 p.m., a woman who lives on Adams Drive called the Sheriff’s Office. She said she heard her downstairs garage door closing and looked outside to see a man walking out of the door. When Deputy Kyle Page arrived, neighbors told him they’d seen in various locations in the neighborhood in past days, including using a pool at one home, and trespassing in the front and back yards of other homes.  The woman who called told the deputy the house next door to hers was unoccupied and suggested he check to see if anyone was staying there.

Deputy Page checked the unoccupied home and found evidence someone had been staying there. The house itself was secure, but there was clothing  on the porch, and a fire was lit in the barbecue grill. As the deputy continued to investigate, neighbors reported the suspect was walking around the neighborhood.

19 year old Adam Tribble was finally located and apprehended as he was returning to the Adams Drive residence. He admitted he’d been staying there because he said he had nowhere else to go.

He was charged with burglary and theft for entering the victim’s garage and taking several beers from her refrigerator. He was further charged with trespassing at the home he’d been staying at. He was also charged with loitering and prowling. He was booked into jail.

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