December 3, 2012

More information about offshore death

19 year old Erick Diaz of N.W. 177th Terrace in Miami died offshore of Layton, near Tennessee Reef on Sunday just before noon. He was reportedly spear fishing using a mask and snorkel with his cousin. His cousin told detectives Diaz had a line attached to his spear, and the line was also tied around his waist. While trying to shoot a fish, he reportedly shot the spear into some rocks and it got stuck.

The cousin said he tried to pull the spear from the rocks, but couldn’t get it loose so he swam to the surface in an attempt to get help. He was unable to help Diaz, however, who died underwater.

The two were on board a private fishing vessel with a friend. The vessel, an 18 foot Boston Whaler, belonged to Diaz’ father.

Diaz body was recovered from the water by members of the Sheriff’s Office dive team and was turned over to the Monroe County Medical Examiner.

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