December 27, 2012

Pair arrested for robbery, beating

Islamorada – A Tavernier man was beaten and robbed early Wednesday. The couple who committed the crime were arrested.

The 24 year old victim told Deputy Frank Delgado he was drinking at Woody’s Sports Bar most of the night. He said at closing, one of the dancers – Jenifer Auerbach - told him to meet her across the street behind the Sandal Factory and she would go home with him. He was there waiting when a silver Chevrolet pulled up.  Auerbach was inside, along with her boyfriend, Shane Earp.

Earp got out of the car, yelling, and began to punch him. The two of them fought, with Earp finally knocking him to the ground. He said Auerbach kicked him in the head while he was on the ground. She then tore the gold chain from around his neck and they took off.

The victim called the Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Delgado met with the victim, and called in a description of the vehicle. Deputies Pedro Garcia and Vaughn O’Keefe stopped the car at the 104 mile marker. The victim positively identified both of the suspects as the ones who beat and robbed him. They were arrested. The gold chain was found inside the vehicle they were driving.

Auerbach was charged with battery, grand theft and robbery. Earp was charged with aggravated battery. They were both booked into jail.

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