December 13, 2012

Woman arrested for shooting roommate

Key Largo – A Key Largo woman is under arrest, accused of shooting her male roommate with a .22 caliber rifle after an argument.

Deputies responded to 217 St. Croix Place just before 1 a.m. to reports of a possible shooting. Sgt. Susan Keene arrived on the scene and found the front door open. She heard a woman inside calling for help. As she entered, she saw a man – later identified as a neighbor – standing by the bedroom door with a cell phone to his ear. He pointed inside the room and said “they are in here”. In the room, she found the victim, 45 year old Shakir Muilam, on the floor. The suspect, 37 year old Candice Lee, was applying pressure to a wound on his side with towels.

Sgt. Keene asked where the gun in question was and Lee pointed to a rifle leaning up against a book case, saying “It’s right there, that’s what I shot him with.”

Investigations indicate that the victim lives with Lee and her husband. She said she and her husband have an “open relationship” which allows them to have other “intimate partners”. She said she and the victim had been lovers, but had broken up. She said she and her husband let him move in after they found out he has cancer.

She said just before the shooting, the victim woke up from a nap and found her outside talking with her current lover. She said the victim became angry and they argued about her having other boyfriends. She said that was her lifestyle and if he didn’t like it he could leave. She said at that point she started carrying his belongings outside to the driveway. She said as they were arguing, she fell to the floor and hit her head. She said she went into her room and grabbed the rifle. She said she was pointing it at him as they continued arguing. She said she saw him reach behind himself for something and that is when she pulled the trigger, shooting him. She ran next door to a neighbor’s house and asked the neighbor to call the police. She then ran back inside and held pressure on the wound until deputies arrived.

The victim was airlifted to Miami for treatment of a gunshot wound on his upper thigh. He is currently in stable condition at the Ryder Trauma Center. Lee was arrested and charged with aggravated battery. She was booked into jail.

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