December 27, 2012

Woman is the Grinch who stole Christmas packages

Islamorada – A woman who works in the Islamorada United Parcel Service warehouse was arrested yesterday after detectives found she was diverting customer packages for her own benefit.

On December 10th, the manager of the warehouse called the Sheriff’s Office because he discovered an Apple Ipad and Iphone missing. He said both items arrived at the warehouse and were placed on a truck for delivery. They were then returned to the warehouse and never delivered. They subsequently went missing and could not be found. He told the detectives he suspected he had an employee who was stealing the items.

As detectives were setting up an undercover operation to catch the thief, another employee told his supervisor he saw employee Shuwana Horne open a package meant for a customer. There were cookies inside, which she then shared with staff at the warehouse, telling them she’d purchased the cookies earlier in the day. The supervisor found the cookie box in a trash can, empty. Further investigation revealed the suspect had changed the package’s delivery status to “receiver moved, not delivered/returned to shipper” in the UPS computer system.

Detectives went to Horne’s residence, where they confronted her. She admitted to opening the package of cookies and also admitted to stealing the Ipad which she said she sold to someone at the Collier County Casino for $250.00. She denied any involvement in stealing the Iphone.

Horne was arrested. She was charged with Grand theft, theft and one count of Offenses against Intellectual Property (For reference, this is FL  Statute 815.04(1)).

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