January 1, 2013

Stock Island man arrested after multiple incidents

Stock Island – A Stock Island man punched a woman driving a car on Stock Island, then took off all his clothes and was lying in the highway late Monday.

Deputy Spencer Curry responded to a report of an altercation at the Chevron Station on Stock Island at 9:30 p.m. When he arrived, a witness told him he’d just seen a man punch a woman who was driving a car. The 24 year old Key West victim said she was stopped at the stop light at Cross Street and U.S. One when a man – later identified as 24 year old Deni Noa – reached into her car, punching her in the eye. He then took off, running north on U.S. One.

While Deputy Curry was speaking with the victim, getting a description of her attacker, he heard a report over his radio that Deputy Chris Fraser was responding to reports of a man lying in the roadway near the Key Haven boat ramp. When Deputy Fraser arrived at the boat ramp, he saw a naked man on the ground and two other men struggling with him, trying to put him into the trunk of a car. He held all the men on the scene at Taser point until Deputy Curry could respond as back up.

The naked man turned out to be Deni Noa. The other two men were his brothers. Noa’s shorts were found nearby and the deputies helped him put them on.

The victim from the battery incident was brought to the scene and identified Noa as the man who punched her. The witness from the battery also positively identified him. As deputies tried to handcuff Noa, he refused commands to put his hands behind his back and continually struggled with them. At one point, he threatened to find both deputies when he was released from jail and kill them.

He was taken to jail where he kept fighting, kicking Deputy Fraser in the kneecap while being taken upstairs in the jail’s elevator. Corrections deputies had to place him in a restraint chair for their safety as well as his own.

Noa was charged with battery, assault and battery on a law enforcement officer, making threats to a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence and resisting arrest without violence. He was booked into jail.

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