February 14, 2013

Deputies receive recognition for life saving

Deputies Chris Duncan, Jaime Miranda and Spenser Bryan received Sheriff’s Medals for life saving efforts at a ceremony held Friday in Marathon.

Deputies Jaime Miranda and Spenser Bryan
with Sheriff Rick Ramsay.
Deputy Duncan received his medal after repeatedly diving into the water in an attempt to save a child who he’d been told was trapped in a submerged car. The mother, who was injured and confused, thought her child was in the car at the time; it was later discovered the child was, thankfully, not in the car and was safe at home.

Deputies Bryan and Miranda stopped a man armed with a knife from killing himself; the tense and distraught man was disarmed without injury to himself or to the officers on the scene. 
Sheriff Rick Ramsay and Captain Penny Phelps congratulate
Deputy Chris Duncan.

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