February 20, 2013

Tavernier man arrested for attempting to steal money from local bank

Tavernier – A Tavernier man was arrested Tuesday after he attempted to deposit three fraudulent checks into his bank account at Community Bank. The bank discovered the crime after finding out the Citibank account the checks were written on was not a real account.

21 year old Cole Peacock attempted to defraud Community bank by depositing the three checks for a total of $22,000.00. When Deputy Mike Sielicki arrived, Peacock was still at the bank. He claimed the checks were from a company called Data Point Systems, located at 234 Azalea Street in Tavernier. That address is also Peacock’s home address. He then later admitted to ordering the checks on line, but said he didn’t know they were written on a counterfeit account.

During the course of an investigation by Sheriff’s Detective Francisco Gaete, Peacock claimed to have accessed the Sheriff’s Office secure network. He also claimed to have accessed the DAVID system, a secure vehicle identification system belonging to the State of Florida.

Information Systems specialists at the Sheriff’s Office say they have no evidence Peacock did access the secure part of the Sheriff’s Office network. When detectives asked Peacock to show them how he did it, he was unable to access the Sheriff’s Office computer network at that time and, in fact, was only able to access portions of the Sheriff’s Office web site which is publicly accessible and could not penetrate the network farther than that.

His computer and computer equipment was seized for further investigation.

Detectives did gain information which indicates he may have had access to a Sheriff’s Office laptop computer several years ago. At that time, a Sheriff’s Office employee who has since retired asked Peacock to help him copy two non-work related files off the computer. There is no indication he gained access at that time to the MCSO secure network, however while Peacock was helping to copy the files, he had access to the computer’s hard drive and may have gained access to an authentication certificate for the DAVID system. Investigations are underway to see if he was able to use that certificate to gain access to the secure DAVID network using the stolen certificate.

Peacock was arrested. He was charged with grand theft, fraud, three counts uttering a forged instrument and accessing a computer  without the authority to do so.

Investigations are continuing.


  1. What was the result of this case? I have had an encounter with Mr Peacock recently and I'm concerned

    Thank you

  2. What is the status of the charges? I have had an encounter with Mr Peacock and am concerned