February 14, 2013

Two arrested for false Florida drivers licenses

Key Largo – A couple who work at Gilbert’s Resort in Key Largo were arrested Wednesday and charged with possessing counterfeit Florida drivers licenses.

The owner of the resort called the Sheriff’s Office to report he thought two of his employees were stealing from him. Detective Francisco Gaete was assigned to investigate. He obtained identification the two employees had given to Gilbert’s Resort when they applied for work.

When Detective Gaete checked the drivers licenses for Robert and Tamara Trotter, both of them returned a report of “no record found” indicating they were false IDs. He obtained arrest warrants for both of them for possessing counterfeit drivers licenses. When he served the arrest warrants and took them both into custody, Tamara Trotter admitted  her real name is Tamara Asada, 40 years old and Robert Trotter admitted his real name is Robert Pearl, 39 years of age.

Both Asada and Pearl have outstanding arrest warrants in California. In addition, detectives are continuing their investigation into where they may have obtained the false IDs and into the alleged theft from the resort.


  1. Contact me to learn more on these two identity theives.
    They are also wanted in Indiana.
    An e-mail was sent to Sheriff Ramsay this morning.
    I have multiple individuals who will testify that they have been defrauded by these two.
    Thank you,
    Michael Meyers260-433-2911

  2. Robert also has Federal Government ID's
    He has impersonated a federal officer.
    Has lied about being a Navy seal and having been awarded honors by Bill Clinton.
    He has defrauded my family out of huge sums of money /and committed ID and credit card fraud and theft from my wife.
    We have additional information and ID making materials we found when he ran from the area last March 2012
    The US Postmaster in Ft Wayne is also perusing charges as should the ATF and Fort Wayne PD.
    We have a witness and a person who purchased a fire arm from Robert who is a convicted felon.
    We also have the weapon and all are willing to press charges and testify in a court of law.
    Contact info - two911@gmail.com
    Thank you !