March 2, 2013

Clean up on 15th Street in Marathon

Sheriff Rick Ramsay pushes a mower during the clean up.
Det. Nick Whiteman, Sgt. Juan Morales and Lt. Bruce Winegarden
clearing brush.

The Sheriff's Office turned out to clean up the 15th Street area of Marathon, clearing brush and picking up trash in an effort to help improve the community.
Captain Chad Scibila hauls brush while Lt. Bruce Winegarden
and inmates look on.

Deputies Wilfredo Guerra and Chuck Kellenberger.

Sgt. Dennis Coleman picks up trash.

Sgt. Ken Fricke supervises inmates. Sgt. Fricke was one
of the main organizers of the project.

Capt. Gene Thompson from the Lower Keys district
turns out to help.

Public Works brought the big equipment to help out
with large debris removal.

Sgt. Juan Morales with a group of inmates.

Sheriff Ramsay and Capt. Scibilia with the new Sheriff's
Office community clean up vehicle.

Lt. Patric Major from the Plantation Key jail is there
to help out.

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