March 25, 2013

Iowa man missing after boat trip

Key Largo – A 49 year old Iowa man, in the Keys with his wife and six year old son for a vacation, has disappeared after leaving on a solo boat trip. His sailboat was recovered off the gulf side of Key Largo, near the Everglades.

His wife said 49 year old Mark Polaschek was not an experienced boater, but insisted he was going out on their sailboat on March 22nd. She said she did not like to go with him on the water because she was afraid of his lack of boating skills.

He reportedly left for the boat trip at 2 p.m. on March 22nd and did not return. His wife reported him missing that same evening to the Coast Guard and the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Those agencies searched for him  and found his sailboat the following morning, but did not find him.

There was no evidence on the boat to indicate what might have happened to him. The investigation into his whereabouts continues. Detectives from the Sheriff's Office and FWC are working together on the case.

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