March 6, 2013

Three girls charged with fake ID

Marathon – Three 19 year old girls were arrested Tuesday, charged with possessing fake driver’s licenses.

Deputy Bradford Colen was on patrol at 1:30 p.m. near 29th Street in Marathon when he saw a white Landrover pass him, northbound, traveling 60 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone. He got behind the vehicle and pulled it over in a parking lot south of 45th Street.

There were  nine girls in the vehicle. The driver, 19 year old Elizabeth Finstrom of Fort Myers, Florida, smelled of alcohol and was upset, telling the deputy she would be kicked out of college.

Deputy Chuck Kellenberger and Detective Nicholis Whiteman arrived to assist. As the driver got out of the car, they saw multiple open containers of alcohol both in the car, and falling out of the car as the door opened.

The driver was able to successfully complete field sobriety exercises and was judged not be be impaired.  Further investigation, however, revealed she was in possession of a fake driver’s license. It had her name and picture on it, but gave her age as 21. Two others in the car – 18 year old Krista Ritterhoff of Katorah, New York and 19 year old Laurel Johnson of LaJolla, California – also had similar fake driver’s licenses. The girls said they paid $100 for the fake licenses just prior to traveling to the Keys. Possession of a fake license in the state of Florida is a felony offense.

All three girls were arrested and booked into jail.

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