March 6, 2013

Woman arrested for stealing truck

Key Largo – A woman who has had her license revoked for previous DUI convictions stole a truck Tuesday night and, while intoxicated, fled in it at high rates of speed as the truck’s owner pursued her. Deputies caught her and took her to jail.

The owner of the truck told Deputy Vaughn O’Keefe he was helping a friend move at 10:20 p.m. in Key Largo RV Park. His Ford F150 was parked nearby, unlocked with the keys inside. He said 32 year old Christina Bohnstedt approached him and asked for his name. After they spoke, he went back to moving. When he turned around, he saw her driving away in his truck.

The victim used his friend’s truck and attempted to follow Bohnstedt, calling the Sheriff’s Office at the same time. He said he had trouble keeping up with her, at one point reaching 80 miles an hour as she still pulled away from him. At the 98 mile marker he lost sight of her and stopped.

Deputy Patricia Garcia spotted the truck and saw it turn onto village Street. Deputy O’Keefe was also in the area. The two deputies, along with Deputy Nestor Argote stopped her.

Bohnstedt was noticeably intoxicated and was not able to complete field sobriety exercises properly. She refused to take a breathalyzer test and refused to sign her citations.

A check on her  name revealed her license had been revoked for two prior arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol. In 2006 she was classified as a habitual traffic offender and has 13 license suspensions for failing to pay citations.

She was charged with DUI, grand theft auto, resisting arrest, driving with her license suspended and refusing to submit to a DUI test after a license suspension. She was booked into jail.


  1. I had a run-in with this Christina Bohnstedt a year or so ago. She was about to be Homeless and feeling sorry for her because she had gone to school w/my daughter years ago @Coral Sh. I let her stay with me. Needless to say her Personal Hygiene was one thing, but she ended up burning me for $500 worth of Utility Bills & back rent. THEN had the nerve to bring the Police to My Home.! And to add insult to injury... after I went to her job as a Bartender @ The Paradise Pub, she had the nerve to Hire(?) a Lawyer ( Restivo) to send ME a Registered Letter and Warned ME to "Cease & Desist" asking Christine for the Money She OWED Me! Yea. Whatever. But it is sad that this 33 year old Woman has no purpose in Life it seems. But, this dilemma seems to be affecting ALL of the younger generation. If you ask me... I think, about 25 to 35 years ago... They BURNED all the Villages. Because, as we all know.... . "... its takes a Village..."

    1. I find it very interesting that you will not use your real name for this post. So from the start of this post you are being dishonest. Why should anyone think that the rest of it is honest? Oh, because I am here to let them know that it isn't. Yes, I have made some mistakes. I never threatened anyone's life the way you did with me, Robin Botsford. I still have an attorney. I still have the evidence of your threats on file. You got your money. I got to keep my life. Please, let it go.

  2. Is it our business to judge someone without fully knowing the person. ... Chris really has had a hard time...are u so perfect you cannot forgive this person and let go of ur anger with her? You are no better than her. Please stop badgering her, she's doing her best now and God bless her.

  3. Yea.... God Bless the Criminals "lee bee" (?). And God Damn the people like me who WORK for a Living and dont STEAL other peoples personal things? Is that what you are saying LEE BEE.? . ( Lee Bee? Talk about a BOGUS NAME! ) Are you one of Christina's CRIMINAL Friends?
    .... I had to FIGHT for the money that was rightly OWED to me. And I DO KNOW Christina LEE BEE ( This is a Name? According to Christina's post you using a bogus name makes YOU Dishonest.But I guess Christina KNOWS YOU Eh? ). Christina went to school with my daughter and just about lived at my home. My daughter went into the Police Cadets in Monroe County... and Christina? Yea... at 33 she gets drunk and steals cars and runs up utility bills at peoples houses who try to help her. YOUR Sympathy is misdirected AND LEE BEE You are no better than a Criminal. You dont fully know me... so take your OWN Advise... and Do Not Judge Me!