April 30, 2013

Detective receives top honor

In the photo, left to right: Governor Rick Scott,
Detective Cuervo, Attorney General Pam Bondi
and Sheriff Rick Ramsay.
Monroe County Sheriff’s Detective Manuel Cuervo, a member of the Major Crimes Unit, accepted a state award last week from Attorney General Pam Bondi. Detective Cuervo was named the Special Tribute Award Officer of the Year for his work on a major child pornography investigation. The award is given each year in the state’s capitol during Victim’s Rights Week.

Detective Manuel Cuervo was the main case investigator into the case of William Britt, who was arrested in November of 2012 on over 100 counts possession of child pornography.

In accepting the award, Detective Cuervo recognized all the others who worked with him on the case to bring it to a successful conclusion. He also thanked the person who brought Britt to the attention of law enforcement.

“I want to extend a personal thank you to the observant and concerned citizen who reported this crime,” Detective Cuervo said. “You are a true hero because if it hadn’t been for you, this predator would still be lurking in our school system, amongst our children.”

Sheriff Rick Ramsay was in Tallahassee to see Detective Cuervo receive the award.

“I am proud of the work done on this case by Detective Cuervo and all the members of our Major Crimes Unit,” he said. “These are tough cases to work – it is heartbreaking to see pictures of children who have been so abused. And when the suspect is someone who we trusted with our children – that makes it even harder. We will continue our efforts to remove these types of child predators from our streets and keep them from victimizing our children.”

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