April 8, 2013

Jail operations temporarily interrupted when woman turns in grenades

A woman who wanted to turn in a number of grenades belonging to a deceased friend drove them to the Plantation Key jail Saturday. When she arrived, deputies had to cordon off the parking lot and surrounding area until the Bomb Squad could arrive and determine whether or not they were dangerous.

Bomb Squad Technician Sgt. Michael DiGiovanni responded to the Plantation Key jail and secured the four devices, which turned out to be inert military-style smoke grenades.

Sgt. DiGiovanni would like to remind people if they find such devices, not to try to transport them to the Sheriff’s Office. Instead, call us and, for safety reasons, the Sheriff’s Office will respond to the location where they are found.

“You never know if these types of devices are explosive, and you never know how unstable they might be,” he said. “Don’t handle them, and don’t try to transport them. We are extensively trained in how to deal with explosives. Call us and we will safely take care of whatever the device is.”

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