April 11, 2013

Military flare made safe by Sheriff’s Bomb Squad

A military flare brought in to shore on a dive boat was made safe by the Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad.

Reserve Deputy and Bomb Squad Technician Bobby Randolph responded to 100 Ocean Drive after Horizon Divers reported they’d found a big silver tubular device which looked like some kind of ordinance. They said it was floating in the water offshore of Key Largo and one of the divers on the boat had brought it onto the vessel. They transported it to shore and called the Sheriff’s Office at 10:45 a.m.

Once the Sheriff’s Office arrived, deputies evacuated the building and closed Ocean Drive as a precaution. The Bomb Squad responded and safely took custody of the device, which was a live military flare. Ocean Drive was reopened at 2:15 p.m.

Anyone who finds such an item in the water should take down coordinates and call to report its location. Such devices are not safe to handle without special training, so they should not be brought on board a boat and should not be transported to shore.

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