April 3, 2013

Reports of a gun at high school unfounded

Plantation Key – Sheriff’s deputies responded to Coral Shores High School Tuesday morning after third hand information surfaced that a student may have been bringing a gun to school.

School Resource Deputies James Jenkins, who is assigned to Coral Shores High School, and Larry O’Neill who is assigned to Plantation Key School across the highway immediately pulled the student from class after receiving reports he may have a gun in his backpack. No gun was found in the backpack or in the student’s locker and he denied ever bringing one to school.

Although the main incident only lasted about four minutes from start to finish, deputies from all around the area began responding immediately after Deputy Jenkins called it out over his police radio.

“We have been undergoing intensive school safety training, and everyone was ready in case this turned out to be the worst case scenario,” said Sheriff Rick Ramsay. “Fortunately, the report was unfounded. We are continuing to investigate to see if we can find out where this information came from and what the motivation for the report was,” he said.

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