April 27, 2013

Woman charged with burglary

A Rockland Key woman was charged with burglary after she entered another woman’s home without permission and attacked her.

The victim said she was in her laundry room in her Rockland Key home at 9:30 a.m. Friday when Magalys Gelys walked in, uninvited. She slapped the victim in the face and told her to stay away from her husband.

When the victim’s 3 year old daughter tried to intervene, Gelys allegedly pushed her away, into a wall. She then threatened the victim, telling her she was going to report her to “Immigration” and have her deported and she would never see her daughter again.

When Deputy Lazaro Valdes arrived, the victim had a swollen red face allegedly from being slapped and the child was scared and crying.

The suspect was found nearby at her place of work and was arrested. She was charged with burglary with battery on the occupant and she was booked into jail.

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