May 8, 2013

Jail discovers arrestee is missing North Carolina man

Observant Corrections Officers with a feeling that something was just not right discovered an arrestee was a missing man from North Carolina.

When Key West Police brought David Hinton in to the jail on Monday morning, he’d given the name “Jeff Willard”. He was booked on charges of theft and resisting arrest. Detention Deputy Baptiste was the booking officer.

While speaking with the man, the deputy noticed he was confused and was unsure of his  name and other identifying information. During further conversation “Willard” said he’d had a stroke recently and could not remember much. He said he’d come to the Keys to visit a friend, but couldn’t remember the friend’s name.

Deputy Baptiste ran the man’s fingerprint and did not get a “hit” on him. Because he felt something was not right, he decided to perform a more in depth fingerprint scan that takes more time.

Several hours later, the scan revealed his real name, Danny Lee Hinton, and revealed he’d been reported missing from North Carolina. He was reported to have a history of dementia and strokes.

The agency with which he’d been reported missing was notified of his recovery. He remains in jail on the charges but his family will now know where he is and that he is all right and they will have the opportunity to help him return home.

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