May 20, 2013

National Hurricane Preparedness Week coming up

Next week, May 26th – June 1st, is National Hurricane Preparedness Week. In this hurricane prone area of South Florida, everyone should take time out to make sure they are fully prepared for the upcoming hurricane season.

·         Make sure you have all necessary supplies on hand in case you have to weather a storm. This includes plenty of water, canned food, batteries, a battery operated radio, necessary medications.
·         Get out your hurricane shutters and make sure they are ready to go if a storm approaches.
·         Make sure you have a plan in place should you have to evacuate. This includes picking up a re-entry sticker for your car, which will expedite your return to the county after an evacuation. Stickers can be obtained from tag offices and Sheriff’s Offices county-wide.
·         Have a plan for your pets as well, including enough food and a way to transport them if you evacuate.

Before, during and after a storm, the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management and the Sheriff’s Office will be bringing you up to date information about the event, including protective action orders and recommendations. Information will be available through local radio, television and other media outlets, as well as through Facebook at MCSO – Florida Keys and Twitter at MCSOnews. You can also sign up to receive emergency alert information at and the Monroe County Emergency Information hot-line will be activated during an emergency at 1-800-955-5504.

There are many web sites with detailed information about hurricane preparedness, including Monroe County’s Emergency Management site at, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office web site at, FEMA at, or their emergency information site, the American Red Cross at,  the National Hurricane Center at , and the National Weather Service at

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