May 17, 2013

Traffic stop results in drug arrest

Two men were arrested after a traffic stop revealed the presence of crack cocaine in the vehicle they were in.

Detectives with the Special Investigations Unit spotted 26 year old Harold Reece of Miami and 55 year old William Beagle of Marathon in a white Dodge Ram truck on 55th Street in Marathon at 3:15 p.m. Thursday. They recognized both men and knew they had both been arrested previously for drug related charges. Neither man was wearing a seat belt, and the driver, Beagle, had a suspended driver’s license so the detectives called for assistance from road patrol to pull the vehicle over.

As the detectives followed the vehicle, they saw Reece look back and spot the unmarked patrol car, then say something to Beagle. The two men then began moving around inside the truck as if they were trying to conceal something.

The truck was pulled over on Highway U.S. One. A K-9 team was called to the scene to do a sniff of the outside of the vehicle. The dog alerted to the presence of narcotics. On the floorboard of the truck, between where the two men had been sitting, detectives found a plastic bag with what appeared to be crack cocaine inside. The substance tested positive for the illegal substance and weighed 6.2 grams.

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