June 24, 2013

Clean up in Marathon

Area before clean up.
 Members of the Sheriff’s Office joined with the community on June 15th to clean up overgrown property in Marathon. Sheriff’s Sgt. Dennis Coleman organized the cleanup of property at 6200 Overseas Highway in Marathon – the old Yardarm Motel. A large amount of brush and overgrowth was removed from the property, along with trash. Dot Palm Landscaping company donated a chipper truck to the project. Over 30 Sheriff’s Office employees volunteered their time, along with members of the community and Marathon Fire/Rescue. Underneath all the overgrowth and brush, volunteers were amazed to find a beautiful Royal Poinciana tree, a reward for all the hard work. Recycled paint was used to cover a concrete structure used as a sign in the past.
Sign before clean up.
Royal Poinciana tree uncovered after clean up and
sign painted and cleaned up.
Volunteers working hard, uncover "buried treasure".

Group of hard working volunteers.


  1. I used to stay at the Yardarm with my family in the 70's! Does anyone have any pictures of the actual motel? I have wanted to ride down from Lakeland to see it for the first time in 30 years. Please contact me with any info RLeigh1976@gmail.com. Thank you, Rebecca

  2. Sooooo happy to find this article! I used to vacation at The Yardarm in the late 70's/early 80's. Does ANYONE have any more photos of it? Especially the motel and pool? I live in Lakeland now and have often thought of driving down to see it but have no idea if I'd be allowed to drive through. PLEASE email me with ANT info and I'd so appreciate it! RLeigh1976@gmail.com