June 30, 2013

Fire at Key Largo home

Photo taken by Sgt. Tom Kiffney

A fire at a Key Largo home trapped a family of four and their dog on the upper story of the home early this morning. Deputy Dave Campbell, first to arrive on the scene, found a ladder next door and helped them to safety.

The fire reportedly started in a boat parked under the house. The boat was parked right next to the only entrance and the heat and flames kept the occupants from being able to get out. A neighbor called to report seeing a large plume of smoke at 6:37 a.m. Subsequent callers reported the boat on fire at 105 La Paloma road in Key Largo.

When Deputy Campbell arrived, he found the family trapped on the second floor, unable to escape the building. He directed the father to throw the dog, a 75 pound Boxer, into the pool below the house. He then used the ladder to help the family to safety.

Firefighters responded and had the fire extinguished by 7 a.m. with no one injured.

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