June 19, 2013

Key Largo man arrested after deputies follow blood trail

Deputies responded to Shaw Drive in Key Largo Tuesday after a someone who lives in the street reported finding a backpack with an Xbox and games inside on property at 986 Shaw Drive.

When Deputy Mike Claudy arrived, he found 18 year old Nicholas Tribble, bleeding from severe cuts on his hand, in the vicinity of 986 Shaw Drive. Sgt. Jason Madnick arrived to assist. He followed a blood trail which led to several locations, including a sport utility vehicle with a broken window and blood inside on the seats. A crescent wrench was found on the ground beside the vehicle. Another blood trail led to the door of a downstairs enclosure at the residence at that location. Inside, deputies found blood in various locations.

The owner of the residence was located. She confirmed the home and vehicle had been burglarized. She said an Xbox and games had been stolen from the house. She identified the Xbox found in the backpack as coming from the house. She said Tribble was a friend of her son’s, but did not have permission to be in the house while her son was away.

Tribble refused to comment about his involvement. He had a bag in his possession with 100 grams of marijuana in it and more marijuana in his pocket.

Tribble was treated for his injuries at the hospital, then booked into jail for two counts of burglary, grand theft, petit theft and possession of a felony amount of marijuana.

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