June 21, 2013

Key West man charged with dog’s death

Key West – A Key West man was arrested today, charged with cruelty to animals for causing the long term suffering and death of his dog, a Pomeranian named “Snarf”.

Investigations by the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Sheriff’s Detective Dave Chavka revealed 26 year old Daniel Doane repeatedly neglected and failed to care for the dog over a ten month period. The dog was turned in to the SPCA twice – once in September and again in April – after he was found wandering around unattended. On both occasions, the dog was severely infested with fleas and ticks, was filthy and suffered from rotten teeth.  On the second occasion, Doane was issued a notice to appear in court. He was supposed to go to court on June 12th. On both occasions, the SPCA offered to take “Snarf”, but Doane refused to give the dog up.

On June 5th, prior to the date Doane was to go to court, “Snarf” was found, barely able to walk, near the White Street Pier. He was picked up by SPCA, but died shortly after being picked up. Examinations of the dog’s body revealed tick infestation caused his death. The dog had “severe infestation of fully engorged ticks too numerous to count” and experienced “excessive pain and suffering”. Investigations by Detective Chavka revealed Doane had left his apartment on June 1st, putting the dog in the bathroom and closing the door. Doane had not returned home since the  first, leaving the dog alone for four days. He told the detective he knew the dog and the residence were infested with ticks, but did nothing about it.

Doan was arrested today and booked into the Monroe County Detention Center.


  1. When are Monroe County laws going to change? I've read and downloaded the county Animal Control Ordinance. It seems there should have been sufficient cause, at least by the second offense, for the SPCA to impound the dog for its own safety and well being. I don't know, and cannot understand, why this didn't happen. I can only imagine that there's something I've overlooked or am misunderstanding in the ordinance that prevented the SPCA from keeping the dog. How is it possible that anyone felt it was safe or appropriate for this little dog to be returned to his clearly neglectful owner? What an incredible tragedy. This poor dog's suffering and ultimate death never should have happened. Please, enlighten the public as to the reason the SPCA was unable to intervene and save this dog's life. My heart is broken since learning of this senseless waste of a beautiful life. Animals have only us to look to for protection and loving care. Anyone not capable of humane treatment, at the very least, has no business having pets. When laws are clearly being broken in this regard, the obvious answer is this: the person immediately loses their right to possess a pet.

  2. Why exactly was he allowed to take the dog home after Snarf was brought in 2 times? There was an obvious pattern already yet he was allowed to take the dog home a second time? I know that police typically have better things to do than to follow up on a dog, but you already had Snarf. Doane should never be allowed to own an animal again, but your office needs to take a look to see where you can make changes that will prevent this kind of failure in the future

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  4. I'm a volunteer at the animal shelter. I intend to find how why that situation went down the way it did. Truly, I just want to know why this tragedy was allowed to happen. I don't want to point fingers, but clearly something is wrong with the system if the SPCA had no choice but to release this poor dog, who's destiny was already decided when he was released the 2nd time. Will post whatever answers I get. I still cry whenever I think about whatever happened to this little dog and how much suffering he went through before finally dying. I understand he collapsed on White Street Pier, most likely of blood loss due to tick infestation and probably due to starvation after being left to wander on his own with no real source of food or clean water. Unbelievable and so cruel